Spider Control and Treatment Services

Spiders are an important part of our ecology. They keep other unwanted pests in check. However, like any other pest, sometimes they can overrun and infest your home. Our technicians analyze the treatment area and use both lethal and non-toxic methods to remove your spider problem.

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How It Works

Step 1 - Inspection

Spiders can breed quickly into infestations. Additionally, the presence of spiders may indicate the presence of other pests that spiders prey on. Our technicians will perform a complete inspection of your property to gauge the level of infestation and develop a unique treatment.

Step 2 - Treatment

Rice’s technicians use a combination of lethal and non-toxic methods to control and treat your spider infestation. We identify all possible points and fortify the perimeter of your home to protect against future infestations.

Step 3 - Follow-Up

Spiders can be tricky and reproduce quickly. After treatment of your spider infestation, it is important to follow up with ongoing service to ensure the problem does not recur.

Routine Maintenance Packages Available

Quarterly Maintenance Package

Spiders can strike at any time. Rice’s Termite and Pest Control offers quarterly spider maintenance packages to give you peace of mind and ensure your home remains spider free.

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