Why You Should Call Ant Control Services When Ants Invade Your House

Ants are among the most common insects in the world, and there are more than 10, 000 ant species that have been identified all over the globe. Some of the common species that you might find in your house include carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, thief ants, odorous house ants, acrobat ants, pavement ants, and argentine ants. When some of these ants invade your house, it might be impossible for you to exterminate them on your own as they reproduce at a rapid rate and can hide in the tightest corners of your house.

The most effective way of exterminating ants in your house is by utilizing ant control service. An ant control company will exterminate the ants professionally in an eco-friendly pest control method, which will not only exterminate the working ants but also eliminate the ones being bred in the nest by the queen ant.

The danger posed by ants is grave and may result in devastating consequences should you not exterminate them early enough. For instance, carpenter ants will distort the wooden parts of your house if they continue growing and breeding over a long time. Failure to contain carpenter ants will see them build clay-like nests all over the wooden parts of your house. They then breed in the clay-like nests and repeat the process over and over again, until the wood is completely covered. This destroys the aesthetics of your house despite devaluing your house as a whole.

While some ants will not cause structural damage, they might be carriers of bacteria that can cause infections. Pharaoh ants are notoriously known to carry bacteria, while also causing massive discomfort when they bite. Ant control services will also take care of odorous house ants, which are a common nuisance in the kitchen and also produce a foul smell when crushed.

The last thing you want is to crush the ants physically, as they will not only produce a nasty odor but also they will serve as food for the other ants in the colony. This will keep the other ants alive and they will keep invading in huge numbers. Instead of attempting to DYI and fail to exterminate the ants, it is better to seek a professional ant control service.

How do the professional exterminators kill the ants?

Baiting the ants is the most effective method of extermination that ant control companies utilize. By placing small bits of gel baits in the main tracks that ants follow when searching for food, the exterminators eliminate the working ants and the ones being bred in the nest. This happens when the working ants take the gel baits to the nest as food hence, poisoning the whole colony. It is the most effective method because when ants are killed separately, they always regroup, reproduce, and invade your house again.

After calling an ant control service, there are some basic duties you need to do before the professional exterminators come to your house. These include:

1. Ensure That Your House Is Thoroughly Cleaned

As ants living in the house feed off the food particles that may have dropped on your floors, or left in the sink or your kitchen cabinets, cleaning these places well will ensure the ants don’t find a place to hide. Empty your trash and clean up any spills to make sure ants don’t find food other than the bait food that is meant to kill them.

2. Remove Wood Debris and Other Unnecessary Items From Your Compound

The foam will slowly evaporate after application and leave behind an invisible residue that will poison termites upon contact. This residue will last for at least a month. The foam is also odorless, a great benefit since it’s for indoor use.

Should You Call a Professional Exterminator?

Ants such as the pavement ants hide underneath stones or fallen off branches and other foreign items they will find in your compound. It will serve your right if you clean out your compound as the ant control company will be able to spot breeding grounds and exterminate the ants.

It is important to seek ant control service early so that you can handle ant invasions before they cause substantial damage to property or they become too much of a nuisance. Call pest control companies in your area as they are best suited to exterminate the ants.

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