Mosquito Control in MD: Get Rid of Mosquitoes With These Effective Tips

In Salisbury, Maryland, the presence of mosquitoes tends to be higher during the evening compared to the morning. These pests often live in ditches and spread dangerous diseases like dengue fever, malaria, and the Zika virus. So, to effectively curb the rise in the mosquito population, it’s advisable to opt for the right professional mosquito fumigation services

Several fumigation chemicals for mosquitoes are available in the market to eliminate mosquito species at home. They include powder formulations, granular options, and liquid solutions. To learn more about how to fumigate for mosquitoes effectively, contact a professional from Rice’s Termite and Pest Control 

However, there are many home remedies worth considering during the mosquito season to aid in mosquito control in MD. In this blog, let’s explore some of the useful tips that can help create a safer inside and outdoor space by keeping mosquitoes at bay.

Proven Mosquito Treatments that Can Help in Effective Mosquito Control

A human being needs a maximum of 7 to 8 hours of deep sleep. But the buzzing nuisance of mosquito flapping wings and mosquito bites prevents you from getting that sound sleep. Follow these tips for effective mosquito control. 

Moreover, you can also hire Rice’s Termite and Pest Control experts and opt for our professional mosquito fumigation services in MD.

Get Rid of Standing Water

It’s a common mosquito treatment every house owner must follow.

Carbon dioxide lures mosquitoes and they tend to lay their eggs in still water. Standing water mosquitoes in your house, be it in a pool or pond, offer an ideal breeding ground for mosquito larvae.

Even buckets, flower pots, a stack of tiers, etc. containing stagnant water can become breeding sites for mosquitoes. So, if you live near a river or lake, maintain cleanliness around you by cutting unwanted plants that grow too close to the water source.

Keep in mind that it only takes a teaspoon of water for these pesky pests to lay eggs before taking flight into their chosen environment. 

Inspect and Address Leaks Right Away 

To prevent pests from gathering around your household, check for leaks and get them fixed promptly. Leaks are often hard to detect but are evident when standing water is present.

However, avoiding leaks may lead to mold growth, wood wrapping, and cracking. In addition, persistent leaks may result in the development of rust on nearby metal objects, such as pipes. So, ensure that leaks are fixed right away for an effective mosquito treatment.

Keep Your Home’s Doors and Windows Closed

Prevent mosquitoes from entering your household by keeping your windows and doors shut, mainly during the evening. 

Note that maintaining an efficient barrier against mosquitoes can be challenging, especially when you have windows and doors opening onto a trafficked area. However, keeping the entry points closed can significantly minimize their presence and reduce the likelihood of mosquito bites.

Identify Common Breeding Sites Outdoors

Instead of letting mosquitoes become a nuisance, take the necessary precautions to get rid of potential breeding areas around your home.

  • Watch for insects gathering around lights during the night.
  • Look out for areas where water gets collected, such as rain gutters, puddles, and bird baths.
  • Watch for locations with accumulated food and other debris, like leaf litter, on the ground.
  • Look out for pests’ hiding spots such as tree barks, under rocks, crevices in concrete corners, inside cracks around windows and door sills, etc.

If the mosquito problem persists, go for professional pest control services in your area.

Trim Bushes and Maintain a Well-Cut Lawn

Bushes, weeds, and vines around pipes or vents can become a nesting spot for mosquitoes. So it’s vital to maintain them and prevent oversize.  

With regular mowing and trimming, you build a barrier that prevents pests from landing on the ground and entering your house. 

Ensure the lawn grass beneath shrubs is neatly trimmed to further reduce the attractiveness of your house to mosquitoes. This may also minimize the need to hire a professional mosquito exterminator. 

More Tips to Help in Mosquito Control in MD

If the above-mentioned tips are less effective, try opting for more rigorous strategies. Here are a few of them.

Try Mosquito Control Service

Professional mosquito control services may include hiring an expert exterminator company. They use chemicals and repellants designed to eliminate mosquitoes and other pests from your property. 

At Rice’s Termite and Pest Control, our team uses eco-friendly and pet-friendly products and equipment, such as mosquito treatments to slow down mosquito reproduction and eradicate existing mosquitoes.

Install a Misting System

Misting systems create low air pressure, disrupting mosquitoes’ ability to fly. Misting is a convenient solution that protects small children and pets from pests.

Use a Fogging Equipment

Some households utilize fogging devices in their lawns and gardens to keep ants, spiders, and mosquitoes away. These machines are safe and you can use them within your home as well. 

Strategically place your fogging equipment to ensure thorough spraying in mosquito-prone areas to prevent them from gathering.

Mosquito Catcher

Various mosquito catchers are available in the market nowadays but the chemicals used in these trappings can make you dizzy. So, it is recommended to buy a natural mosquito catcher.

Use these catchers in the garden, patio, or yard. If you want to lure more mosquitoes, place mosquito traps in the areas where they usually come in contact with you. A mosquito catcher works by releasing an odor that attracts mosquitoes (and not other flies) and traps them.


Mosquitoes are undeniably a nuisance. They hinder you from enjoying your space and make you prone to significant health risks, like viruses and bacterial infections. Follow the tips mentioned in the blog and you can experience a mosquito-free home in no time!

However, if you’ve exhausted your resources to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home and they’re still there, book an online consultation with Rice’s Termite and Pest Control. 

Our experts provide top-notch mosquito fumigation services in Maryland and nearby areas. Keeping your home interiors safe has been and continues to be our #1 priority. Get in touch today.

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