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Rice Return Guarantee
Rice Return Guarantee

Our Commitment To Ensure Safe And Effective Pest Control For Your Home


Residential Pest & Rat Removal Services in Salisbury


We excel at providing the best residential pest control and rodent control service for your home. Don’t hesitate to call Rice’s today for quick service that will restore your home’s healthy environment for you and your family.

Wildlife Trapping & Removal

Rice’s has experience trapping and removing a wide variety of wildlife critters from your home or yard. These visitors can often carry the possibility of diseases associated with urine, feces, bites, and parasites. Chewed electrical wiring increases fire and safety hazards, while the destruction of insulation decreases energy efficiency. Avoid the nuisances associated with unwanted wildlife by calling Rice’s residential pest exterminators today.

We Trap & Safely Remove

  • Raccoons
  • Opossums
  • Birds
  • Skunks
  • Squirrels
  • Bats
  • Snakes
  • Groundhogs

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Residential Pest and rodent Control

Rodent Control

Rodents such as mice or rats can carry a wide range of diseases. Additionally, they can destroy your home, raid your pantry, and be difficult to eliminate. We offer rat removal solutions to help prevent rodents from gaining entry in the first place, as well as treatment to get rid of mice. Rice’s residential and commercial exterminators understand the complexities of rodent infestation. They work to not only remove rodents from your home or building but also prevent them from returning.

Shrub & Tree Treatments

It is important to regularly treat your shrubs and trees to prevent large-scale invasions of pests. We can handle most of your basic shrub and tree pests. These treatments protect your landscaping investment and keep your expensive trees and shrubs healthy while ensuring the nasty pests don’t have a place to live.


Preparing For Treatment

It is important to be prepared when Rice’s Termite & Pest Control comes to do residential or commercial pest control. Depending on the type of pest our technicians are treating, preparation may vary. Our highly trained technicians will advise you of the preparation, the number of treatments necessary, and the length of time you will need to leave your home for our residential pest control services. Do not forget any pets or essentials you may need while the house is undergoing treatment.

Learn More About Our Home Protection Programs

Our home protection programs are uniquely tailored to safeguard your Delmarva residence from common pests such as ants, spiders, mosquitoes, and termites throughout the year.

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At Rice’s Termite & Pest Control, we’re the go-to choice for the best residential insect control and commercial termite treatment in the Delmarva community in Maryland. We’ve been proudly serving this region for nearly two decades, delivering top-quality termite and pest control services to both homes and businesses. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, and we look forward to continuing our tradition of providing exceptional pest control solutions.

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