Rice Return Guarantee
Rice Return Guarantee

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Emergency Wildlife Removal & Treatment Services


Rice’s has experience trapping and removing a wide variety of wildlife critters from your home or yard. These visitors can often carry the possibility of diseases associated with urine, feces, bites, and parasites. Chewed electrical wiring increases fire and safety hazards, while the destruction of insulation decreases energy efficiency. Avoid the nuisances associated with unwanted wildlife by choosing Rice’s emergency wildlife removal in Salisbury, MD today.

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Comprehensive Wildlife Removal Solutions

At Rice’s, we provide an extensive array of the best wildlife removal services in Maryland to effectively address encounters with a wide variety of animals. Our skilled wildlife exterminators are equipped to handle all wildlife intruders. We prioritize the humane treatment of wildlife and employ eco-friendly removal methods to ensure both your safety and the well-being of the animals we encounter.

We Trap & Safely Carry

Raccoon Removal: Raccoons are known for their adaptability to different environments, and we safely trap and remove them to prevent potential property damage.

Squirrel Removal: Squirrels often hide in attics or other crawl spaces, causing property damage and disturbances. We excel in the safe removal of squirrels and the prevention of future infestations.

Opossum Removal: Opossums can create holes in or around your property. Rice’s team of professionals employs humane trapping and relocation techniques to handle opossum intrusions without harm.

Bat Removal: While bats play a crucial role in our ecosystem, their roosting in our homes can lead to structural damage, not to mention the potential health risks. Our experts are trained in bat removal methods for their safety and well-being while ensuring your property remains bat-free.

Bird Removal: Birds may find your property appealing for nesting. However, their presence can lead to droppings, noise, and property damage. We provide eco-friendly methods to deter and remove birds while respecting their welfare.

Snake Removal: If you have snakes on your property and they are venomous, it can be alarming. Our specialists are trained to safely handle snake removal. We ensure your safety and the snake’s relocation to a suitable habitat.

Skunk Removal: When threatened, skunks can spray pungent material, causing discomfort and odor. Our experts approach skunk removal cautiously, minimizing risks and disturbances.

Groundhog Removal: Groundhogs can burrow under structures and landscapes, causing structural damage. Our team employs humane trapping methods and offers the Best Groundhog Removal in Maryland.

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Protect Your Home All Year Long

Our home protection programs are uniquely tailored to safeguard your Delmarva residence from common pests such as ants, spiders, mosquitoes, and termites throughout the year.

How It Works

Wildlife Control

Our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect your property for any wildlife or signs of wildlife infestation.

Wildlife Control

Depending on the situation and animal involved, Rice’s technicians can determine the process they need to further follow. In some cases, treatment may be as simple as closing off the wildlife’s access area. Other times, however, we may need to set up traps like squirrel-trapping baits in addition to closing off access areas.

Wildlife Control

In the event that our technicians need to get involved in capturing a critter that is loose on your property, we will set and monitor traps. Nearly all the wildlife we capture is trapped alive and then released to the proper authorities or the wild. In rare cases where the animal is a danger to your family or itself, the wildlife may need to be safely euthanized by a certified professional.

Wildlife Control

After we have safely removed any unwanted wildlife from your yard and closed off any potential access points, it is time to kick back, relax, and enjoy your yard the way it should be.

Emergency Wildlife Removal

In some instances, wildlife intrusions can escalate into emergency situations, requiring immediate attention and resolution. These scenarios often involve situations where the wild animal gets trapped inside your home or presents a significant safety risk to you, your family, or your property. When faced with such urgent matters, it’s crucial to have a trusted partner like Rice’s that can provide rapid and effective emergency wildlife removal services.

Environmentally Responsible Wildlife Removal Services

Our commitment to wildlife extends to our practices as well. We prioritize compassionate and environmentally responsible wildlife removal methods. This includes live trapping, relocation, and exclusion techniques to keep unwanted critters out of your space. By choosing Rice’s, you’re not only resolving your wildlife issue but also contributing to the ethical treatment of wildlife and conservation efforts.


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