Termite Troubles: How to Identify Termite Infestations in Your Home

Even though every Berlin resident understands the importance of keeping their space clean, what if unexpected guests pay a visit? The tiny and irritating termites could endanger your space. Hence, making the structure weak and resulting in costly repairs. Consequently, it is evident that now is the time to look for the best  termite control services for your property. 

At Rice Termite & Pest Control, we understand the urgency of addressing termite infestations. We know how much individuals hate having termites in their homes. That’s why we’re here to tell you about the early warning signs to detect these intruders’ presence. 

Continue reading to discover the insights and seek professional assistance from the experts before it’s too late.

Spotting the Presence of Pests: Termite Infestation

Termite infestations can often go unnoticed until they have caused significant damage to your home. Thus, finding termites in their homes becomes every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Read the indicators that suggest you need pest control services:

Gaps and Cracks

Termites can survive in the tiniest space, which you have never thought of! They squeeze themselves and make their own space to enter your home, causing damage to your property. Hence, it is important to keep a proper check on the gaps, cracks, or small openings. 

Here, contacting the experts for regular maintenance and cleaning is essential to know if your home has been damaged by pests. The professionals ensure that there are no gaps or cracks in the foundation or walls of your home while inspecting your property. They closely check the windows, doors, and utility pipes to guarantee your home is pest-free. 

Abandoned Wings 

This is one of the easiest ways to tell if your property needs termite control services. When termites swarm to establish new colonies, they shed their wings after finding a new, suitable location. 

The termites intentionally do this because they no longer need those wings to travel. This happens typically in the spring season. Consequently, termites typically leave these wings near windowsills or light sources, which makes their presence obvious at your home.

Frass or Pellets

Termites produce small, pellet-like droppings called frass as they burrow through wood. These droppings are often found near the infested areas, which is a sign of an active termite colony. 

Regularly inspect your home, especially in the dark and damp areas. You can find these near the wooden structures in your home.

Termite Nests

The termite nests look like mud and are quite challenging to spot. These tiny creatures build their nests in the walls or underground of your property. They are known to construct complex nests near moist surfaces, particularly near leaky pipes, damp soil, or secluded areas like basements or gardens. 

If you spot any such sign, it means you need pest control in Berlin for assistance. Taking the Rice Termite & Pest Control team’s assistance will ensure your home is safe and pest-free.

Damaged Paint

The termites, if present in your home, burrow through the wood and cause major damage to the paint. Furthermore, causing the paint to bubble, crack, or peel easily. These pests also cause damage to the wood beneath the paint, making the surface weak. 

Individuals should keep an eye out for bubbling or peeling paint, as it indicates hidden termite activity. If you regularly inspect your property, you can save money from larger termite problems in the future with termite treatments.

Animal Droppings

In many cases, the termites may also attract other pests, like rodents, birds, and carpenter ants, that feed on them. Locating animal droppings near termite-infested areas indicates a greater pest problem, which might require the immediate attention of a pest control company. 

Contacting the professionals ensures a smooth and appropriate solution to the problem. The experts have the knowledge and skills to carry out the task accordingly. 

Moldey Scents

Another sign that indicates a pest infestation at your home is a foul smell. A musty odor in the moist parts of the property indicates the presence of termites. Taking assistance from professionals will be a helping hand. 

When termites burrow into wood and other cellulose-based materials, they produce moist conditions. This situation encourages the growth of the mold, which gives it an earthy and foul smell. 

Visible Tunnels

The termites often construct visible mud or earthen tunnels on the exterior surface of your home. These mud-like tunnels or tubs can be found along the walls, ceilings, or wooden structures where pests travel and protect themselves.

Furthermore, the mud tunnels also create a direct route from their nests to their food sources. These can be as thick as a pencil and are considered a major reason to opt for pest control services for your property. 

Buckling Wood

The termites consume the wood of your home, which makes it weak and brittle. This causes severe damage, resulting in sagging or buckling of your floor, walls, or any other wood-based structures. 

If you notice any unusual deformation of your home’s wooden components, it’s a clear sign to call for pest control in Berlin. Contact the termite treatment company before the pest causes a greater amount of damage to your property. 

Why Choose Rice’s Termite & Pest Control for Pest Control Services?

Choosing the right professional pest control company is necessary when opting for termite control services. The team of experts can give your home the pest protection you need to keep it safe and free from tiny intruders. 

Rice Termite & Pest Control is one such company you can rely on without any worry for the best pest control services! Our team of experts has the knowledge and skills to carry out all the pest problems perfectly. We offer comprehensive pest control services that are tailored to the specific needs of your property. 

With professionals on your side, you can save money in the long run and keep your property free from termites. We believe in providing great customer service through our professional service.  

Don’t let termites win over your property! Ensure your property is safe and comfortable for you to live happily. Contact us today and let our team help you make your space more reliable and safe!  

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