Types Of Pests And What To Watch For

Fall is here, and with the change of season comes a whole new host of household pests to be on the lookout for. Not all insects create the same issues in your home, so here are a few of the most common types of insects that will require professional exterminators and pest removal services.


Termites are some of the most common pests, as well as some of the most damaging. As many as 20% of homeowners surveyed said termites were their main pest concern. Look for signs of damaged wood throughout your home or if you suspect termites, or call for pest control services immediately if you find signs of termites.

Bed bugs

Bed bug pest control has to be quick – leave these pests for too long and they’ll settle into just about any soft surface in your home. Look for dark brown, black, or red spots on soft furniture items like sofas or mattresses. However, one of the first indicators of this pest will be the smell. If you smell or see signs of these pests, schedule bed bug pest control as soon as possible to limit the damage.


Crickets in your home might not necessarily be harmful, but it can certainly be annoying. These noisy insects can settle into secluded corners of your home or even in vents, where their sounds might echo and disturb you in your home. See if you can track down the location based on the noise, but know that sometimes echoes can make them hard to locate.


Even if spiders might help control some other pests, they’re not exactly the visitors you want to have around your home. Some spiders may even try to bite humans, and while spider bites are rarely dangerous, they’re certainly not comfortable. Spiders will leave their webs in places that aren’t frequently disturbed, making basements, attics, and tucked-away corners likely spots to find them.

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